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Expenditure over £25,000

In accordance with the government’s commitment to greater transparency, the Trust is required to publish, on line, expenditure over £25,000. Expenditure, for the purposes of this exercise, is all individual invoices, grant payments, expense payments or other such transactions that are over £25,000. Certain expenditure, such as that related to the Trusts payroll and money administered on behalf of clients, is excluded from the scope of these disclosures.

The Trust has published expenditure over £25,000 from 1st April to 30th September 2010, by 31st October 2010 as stipulated by HM Treasury. Publication will then continue on an ongoing basis, on the 15th working day of each month, starting on 19th November, with October’s expenditure.

Data Inclusions

The Trust has included the following within the files showing the expenditure data;

  • Name of Department. (The Department of Health being the Trust’s “parent” department).
  • The name of the Trust (North Staffordshire Combined Healthcare NHS Trust).
  • The Payment date as recorded within the Trust’s Purchase Ledger.
  • The Description of the Expenditure. (Expense type)
  • The area within the Trust that has spent the money. (Expense area)
  • The full name of the Supplier.
  • A reference number for each individual expenditure transaction.
  • The value of the transaction.

Monthly Reports for 2013

January 2013.pdfJanuary 2013.pdf

February 2013.pdfFebruary 2013.pdf

March 2013.pdfMarch 2013.pdf

April 2013.pdfApril 2013.pdf

May 2013.pdfMay 2013.pdf

June 2013.pdfJune 2013.pdf

July 2013.pdfJuly 2013.pdf

August 2013.pdfAugust 2013.pdf

September 2013.pdfSeptember 2013.pdf

October 2013.pdfOctober 2013.pdf

November 2013.pdfNovember 2013.pdf

 To see the expenditure over £25,000 reports for 2012, please click here

    Link to HM Government website

    Further information regarding the expenditure of government departments can be found on the HM Government website at:



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