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Why were Combined Health employees who ran the Mental Health support groups at Bethel and other venues transferred to S. ON. TRENT Council who are always pleading poverty. How long can these groups continue with the Council.?

Our response

The Stoke on Trent City Council previously had an agreement in place with North Staffordshire Combined Healthcare NHS Trust for the provision of social care services. As part of this agreement social care staff working for the Trust would have supported groups such as the one you have alluded to.

In July 2020, this agreement ended and the Council decided to take all social care provision in-house, including the funding associated with the provision. They now provide such services and support directly themselves. The Trust is unable to comment on how long groups can continue as any future decisions on social care support are taken by the Council and not by the Trust. However, we would be happy to put you in contact with the right people in the Council so that you can raise a query and discuss this further with them.

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