‘Ask the Board’ goes from strength to strength

Combined Healthcare's 'Ask the Board Online' innovation has had its best month ever

In its January 2021 public Trust Board meeting, the following questions were asked and answered by the Board and a video made available of each question and answer session:

Launched in May 2020, ‘Ask the Board Online’ is a new online facility as part of the Trust’s ongoing commitment to openness, transparency and innovation and was a key recommendation of the Trust Strategic Review of Communications agreed by the Trust Board in October 2019.

Using this new facility anyone can use a webform to make a comment or suggestion or ask a question in advance of each Open Trust Board meeting.   A response is provided as part of the Chair’s Report to the Board meeting.  From January 2020, a video recording of this section of each Open Trust Board meeting has been made available shortly after the meeting has taken place.

By combining the new “Ask the Board Online” facility and video archive of Board proceedings, anyone can obtain a public answer without having to physically attend the Board meeting. This will be particularly helpful to anyone who would find attendance difficult, either because of disability or other personal or work commitments.

To search the archive of previously asked questions via ‘Ask the Board Online’ and our responses, including links to the relevant filmed response, click here