Cara introduces the Programme Management Office

In her second outing since joining Combined Healthcare, our digital member of staff, Cara (Combined Avatar for Recovery Action) is delighted to set out our exciting plans for a Programme Management Office (PMO).

Fundamentally, the PMO is designed to support our staff in their role as Project Managers and enhance our ability to deliver change and our strategic and corporate objectives.
To ensure this support can be provided effectively, we are adopting a consistent approach to project management governance.
Each project will follow the same five step life-cycle. The PMO will work with individual project managers to support this process and ensure we manage the pipeline of reporting in a collaborative manner.
If you have any comments or questions, we have set up an email for all PMO related matters  We have also worked with our colleagues in the Comms Team to create a set of PMO intranet pages which host all PMO related material including background information, useful guides, templates and reporting.
It is essentially a PMO ‘one-stop shop’ and will be maintained as a live set of pages.  For those with access to our staff Intranet, the link to those pages is here:
We’re really excited about the creation of the PMO and we really hope our staff come to enjoy working with it.
You can watch Cara’s introduction to the PMO in the film below.