The Coronavirus challenge is bigger than anything most of us will have faced in our working lives. But the bigger the challenge, the greater are the heroes and heroines who rise to it.

We are proud at Combined Healthcare of the values of compassion and teamwork that drive what we do and who we are.  We want everyone who works for us and with us to have the opportunity to show solidarity, appreciation and gratitude for each other – for the things we do, for the extra mile we go, for the compassion we show.

We know that everyone is united in this challenge.  Frontline staff and support staff.  Staff working on our wards and people working throughout our community teams.  Permanent staff and bank.  Service users, carers and volunteers.  We are ALL in this together and we want to highlight, support and recognise everyone

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Ward 4 Manager Richard Bagnall.

We would like to thank Ward Manager Richard Bagnall for all of his hard work and dedication to supporting the ward through these very challenging times.
Richard has always maintained his sense of humour which has resonated throughout the staff on Ward 4.
He has continued to put staff and patients first and always has an open door policy.

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Thank you for being you, and always keeping your staff topped up with tea, coffee, ice lollies and getting us through a global pandemic.
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Ward 4 - UHNM Assessment

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Going the extra mile

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Julie Howley

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Discharge Lead