Combined updates visiting arrangements

Combined Healthcare has updated its visiting arrangements following guidance issued by NHS England

  1. Before visiting – visitors must contact the ward to discuss appropriate local arrangements. This will include having to answer a number of questions to assess the risk of transmission of COVID-19.

We recognise that there are currently no restrictions for COVID contacts in the wider community however, anyone showing any symptoms of COVID-19, has had a positive test for COVID, who has been told to self-isolate, or who has had contact with a known COVID positive contact in the last 7 days should not visit.

  1. Anyone feeling unwell, should not visit.
  3. All visitors will be assessed prior to entry to a clinical area and for PPE compliance. This includes the need to wear a surgical face mask before entering the building – these will be provided at closest point practicable upon entering the building or at the reception desk. These must be worn until visitors have left the main building.
  5. If a visitor declares they are exempt from wearing a mask, this may be due to an underlying medical condition; this must be considered in managing the visit to protect the ward and the visitor and will be a crucial factor in the risk assessment. If the visitor is NOT wearing a mask the patient should be encouraged to wear their mask and socially distance at all times.
  7. All visitors must go directly to the ward they are visiting where they will be directed to the visiting area and must stay in that room for the duration of the visit.
  9. All visitors will be provided with additional PPE on arrival at the ward, which must be worn before entering the ward and remove when leaving, the ward staff will should assist with this.
  11. All visitors should remove coats or jackets, roll up their sleeves and wash or sanitise (disinfect) their hands.
  13. All visitors should decontaminate their hands as they enter and exit the main building and ward (hand sanitise dispensers are located by all entrances to our buildings and at entrances to the wards).
  15. Visitors must ensure a 1 metre distance at all times. If visits can be facilitated outside, this should be the preference. Section 17 leave arrangements and risk assessments may allow for additional visiting in gardens or outdoors.
  17. Each visit will last a maximum of 1 hour.
  19. The visiting area will be decontaminated between visits
  21. There are no waiting areas for other family members such as escorts and drivers – therefore only the visitors must enter the main building.
  23. Wards must keep a list of hospital visitors’ names and contact details, to aid the NHS Test and Trace teams if contact tracing is indicated.
  25. Any visitor who tests positive for COVID–19 within 2 days of visiting should inform the ward immediately.