Communications Team arrangements during COVID-19 period

As we prepare for the next stage of Trust operations to combat coronavirus,  I thought it would be useful to confirm the expected working arrangements for the Trust Communications Team during the COVID period.

Most importantly, I should confirm that the overriding objective of the Comms team is to do everything we can and need to do to ensure  our Trust is able to work to maintain the safety and care for our staff and service users.


Joe Mccrea
Associate Director of Communications


How we will operate

The Communications Team has been confirmed as an Essential Service with an expectation, at least in the immediate future, that we will operate through a combination of presence on site and working from home.

What this will mean in practice is as follows:

  • The default position is that from next Monday until notified otherwise, wherever possible, members of the Comms Team should work from home.
  • For the foreseeable future, I will physically be on site at Lawton House and Harplands Hospital only on Mondays and Thursdays to coincide with meetings of the Covid-19 Incident Management Group. 
  • The rest of the Comms Team will work from home, unless they are are required on site for essential filming
  • We will be available to anyone in the Trust via the Comms Inbox – or via my mobile number 07841 535124 – feel free to ring or text me on it
  • We will continue to play our full part in local, regional and national communications channels and joint working via weekly teleconferences and webinars with our wider health and care comms colleagues
  • The whole team will be able to stay in contact during the working day via Microsoft Teams which has been download to our work devices (laptops and any mobile devices).
  • We have administrator and editor access to all of our communications channels – including public website, CAT Intranet and the full range of our social media channels
  • We have full access to Adobe Creative Cloud for all our digital content
  • We also have full access to Adobe Stock for any images we need
  • There are a full range of other online resources our disposal, e.g Infogram ; Flaticon which we will be able to use from home with equal ease as from our desks in Lawton House
  • We will continue to deliver core messages to all our staff via weekly Newsround, Covid Updates and the CEO Blog
  • We will not, for the foreseeable future, be filming service user stories
  • As most face-to-face events have now been discontinued, we will not be required to provide on-site or at-event social media support, however we will continue to provide a full social media service for publicising Trust messages and engagement, both for ourselves or on behalf of other teams
  • We will continue to be available for helping produce comms collateral such as posters, leaflets and other print and digital content
  • We will be producing in-house our Annual Report and Quality Account according to normal practice
  • The staff REACH Awards will now take place in the Autumn at the earliest
  • We will continue to be available to deal with any communications-related enquiries from the press or public