Learning Disabilities Awareness Week Virtual Craft Session – Wednesday 17 June 2020

After the craft session, we sent Amanda the photographs; via text; Amanda replied: “Hi Kerry, thanks very much for the pictures I’ve really enjoyed doing the craft and speaking to everybody and seeing everyone. Thanks very much for everything it was lovely to see you.”

LD week craft - James

“I like what I’ve done with staff and it’s great to see others on video chat, it’s been a positive week for me. Thanks for that, I really enjoyed it.”


Paul joined the session on zoom but became overwhelmed with all the people on it and the noise. Paul left the session and made it with staff. Paul is happy to share a picture of the finished piece.

LD week craft - Paul
LD week craft - Donna
LD week craft - Donna 2

“I really enjoyed the craft work and I liked speaking to people I know. I enjoyed seeing people. I think it was amazing. I am going to give it to my sister as a gift.”

LD week craft - Jane
LD week craft - Jane 2

“I really liked doing the craft session especially the gluing bit. It was nice talking to people, sitting outside and having a laugh after all this time in lock down. I didn’t want the session to end because I really enjoyed it. Now my friends want me to make them a mobile too. I’d definitely like to do a craft session again, it would be nice to meet up with people when we can.”