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I spent some time this week meeting a potential coach who will support me with some of the leadership issues I am experiencing. I want to find someone who will challenge me and get me to think differently about some situations.  

I really believe the best leaders are those that are able to influence the widest range of people, to be able to get as many people as possible to be aligned to their vision. So spending some time thinking about adapting my leadership behaviours in different settings should enable me to become a better leader. It is difficult sometimes to be open to ideas that people have that aren’t the same as our own with the temptation to become defensive.  

The best teams I believe are the ones that encourage diversity of views, so reflecting on my own leadership is something I plan to prioritise in 2017. We also plan to spend some time developing our Board team this year. We are going to participate in the Advancing Quality Alliance (AQuA) Board Development Programme; this will help our Board to increase our focus and leadership of quality and safety across the organisation. We are sorting out the dates at the moment and are likely to be learning alongside a couple of other trusts which should be exciting.  

Preparations for our Raising our Service Excellence (ROSE) Day launch of our new electronic patient record on May 13 are going well. On Monday, the ROSE team held a joint stocktake review with colleagues from NHS Digital, Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust and Warrington and Halton Hospitals NHS FT. Our ROSE workstream leads were interviewed by an independent specialist to gauge where we are with the project and a report with recommendations and actions for the ROSE team is being compiled to ensure the implementation of our new electronic patient record is as successful as possible.  

The ROSE project is now entering the ‘Business Process Validation’ phase where processes are being tested to ensure they work most effectively on the new system. This is a very important stage in the project.  

Our team of ROSE super users will be a key link between the project and teams before, during, and post go-live and more than 30 super users attended a training session on Friday to learn more about the project and what their role and responsibilities will be. Other sessions are taking place this week.  

We were delighted to be joined on Friday by Dr Terry Riley, Chair of the British Deaf Association (BDA), alongside representatives of the local deaf community to sign the BDA’s Deaf Charter. The charter is designed to empower local deaf groups to work in partnership with service providers and deaf people.  

Our Chair David Rogers joined Dr Riley in the Boardroom at Lawton House to sign the charter. By signing, we have committed to making the following five pledges about how we improve our services to better support people in the local deaf community:  

  • ensure access for deaf people to information and services
  • promote learning and high quality teaching of British Sign Language (BSL) and lipspeaking skills
  • support deaf children and families
  • ensure that staff have the competence to communicate effectively with the deaf community
  • consult with the local deaf community on a regular basis.  

We have already made great strides thanks to the hard work of our Listening into Action Deaf Awareness team, but we know more can and will be done. Thank you to Sue Slater and the members of the team for organising the event and for all their hard work in working with our staff and local deaf groups to improve how we do things.

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