Regional leadership award winners!

Hi all

Caroline has been on leave over the last week so I have written this week’s blog. Following the publication of our Care Quality Commission (CQC) report which Buki told you about last week (remember that you can view the videos from our celebration event at Harplands via YouTube here) it has been another busy but positive week. I attended three of our Board sub-committees (People and Culture Committee, Quality Committee and Finance & Performance Committee) which are a key part of our corporate governance. Following the appointment of our new Non-Executive Directors Joan Walley and Lorien Barber the non-exec membership of some of these is changing slightly and we are already benefiting from their input. We also held monthly performance reviews with each of the directorates on Tuesday and I chaired the second Senior Operations Team meeting, which brings together our corporate and clinical teams.

During the week our Director of Finance Suzanne Robinson and I also met with members of the commissioning exec team to discuss future service development and investment. We also discussed the development of our Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) on the Harplands site, Place of Safety capacity and development of services for older people with dementia. It is important that we work closely with commissioning colleagues given the tight finances the NHS faces and we try to do this. It is also positive that we are looking to develop services in the face of these challenges. Caroline will no doubt update you on all of these areas in the coming months.

Well done to Stephanie Woodall and Healthy Minds, who won two awards in the Health Education West Midlands Regional Leadership Recognition Awards. The Trust was shortlisted for a total of seven awards and a bus load of staff travelled to the ceremony in Birmingham on Tuesday. The tremendous progress made by the Healthy Minds Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) Stoke-on-Trent team in supporting service users towards recovery was recognised with both the Leading for Service Improvement and Innovation Award won by Team Manager Stephanie Woodall and the Team Outstanding Achievement Award: Clinical award!

Congratulations to our other finalists, who we are also proud of in having been shortlisted in the following categories:

  • Team Outstanding Achievement Award: Non-Clinical – Growthpoint
  • Leading for Service Improvement and Innovation – Learning Disabilities
  • Excellence in Patient Experience – Maureen Mayanga, Rapid Assessment Interface and Discharge (RAID) Practitioner
  • Inclusive Leader – Jaymee Smith, Chair of the North Staffordshire Children and Young People’s IAPT Youth Council
  • Emerging Leader – Josey Povey, Modern Matron with NOAP
  • Inspirational Leader – Caroline Donovan, Chief Executive

We held the first of two Discover Your Future one-stop recruitment events on Saturday at Harplands Hospital – thank you to everyone who gave up their time on the day to facilitate this. Attendees on the day had the opportunity to apply for available posts on the day, be interviewed by a panel and potentially leave with a job offer.

We are holding another event on Wednesday at Harplands from 5.30-9pm which will again focus on recruitment for registered mental health nurses (RMNs) and registered learning disability nurses (RLDNs).

We only have 10 weeks left to go until our ROSE go live on 13 May. The dress rehearsal ahead where the team will takes us a mock go-live takes place on 7 April. We will be seeking staff to get involved in this so watch this space.

Our face-to-face ROSE training got off to great start last week with over 140 staff attending and learning first-hand how the new electronic patient record will work. Well done to Learning Disabilities, who have become the first directorate to hit 100% of staff booking onto training. The next phase of our engagement will be rolled out over the next couple of weeks and is designed to provide us with all the information and assurance we need to confirm everything is in place to enable us to deliver a successful implementation. This will consist of a ROSE survey for team managers to assess ROSE awareness, engagement and confidence and also a Staff Boarding Pass. Every member of staff will shortly be receiving a boarding pass, which they can use to confirm they have taken all steps necessary to be ready for a successful go live. Super users and directorates are also receiving special editions of the boarding pass, so they can confirm everyone within their teams is ready.

A partnership approach between Combined and University Hospitals of North Midlands NHS Trust (UHNM) to research into Alzheimer’s disease has been launched. The newly established Neurodegenerative Active Partnership (NO GAP) team has recently opened its first joint study, after the two trusts joined forces in late 2015 to battle neurodegenerative diseases. The union sees a first-of-its-kind role set up between both trusts to bridge the gap between research in primary care and local mental health services, improving patient care and treatments. The new joint working team has already been recognised at the Clinical Research Network West Midlands annual awards, winning the Collaboration in Research Award. The team was also commended at UHNM’s A Night Full of Stars staff awards, winning the Research Impact Award.