A busy, interesting and varied week

Hi all...


Last week was a busy , interesting and varied week with a mixture of internal Trust priorities and external developments.

Our real focus last week was on our plans for 2018/19. We had an Executive Team away day where we went through in detail all the team's individual and team objectives. It is really important that we agree as a team objectives that we are collectively working on.

For your information these are still to be approved by the Board but to give you the headlines they are to continue on our journey ‘Towards Outstanding.’ An increase in the number of core service rated as ‘outstanding’ and an overall rating of ‘good’ for the safe domain through :

  • Converting good practice innovations that the Trust has been shortlisted for or won into published articles – 5 per year
  • Ensuring the new structure and transformation programme is co-produced with service users and carers
  • Developing a Trust wide systemic approach to improvement
  • Refreshing the Leadership Academy aligned with the new organisational structure
  • Ensuring the Trust's Diversity and Inclusion approach focusses specifically on improved experience for our BME staff
  • Delivering the Trust's Control Total
  • Continue to progress Primary Care integration

Our final Operating Plans have been submitted today to NHSI – these are the second year of the 2017-2019 Trust plans – thanks very much to Andrew Hughes and team for their work on these and everyone who has contributed. 

Don't forget, we are holding our CQC Celebration event on Tuesday 1st May at 3pm to 4.30pm in Harplands Hospital.  If you're there or nearby, feel free to pop in for a cake!


Primary Care Development Programme  

As part of our role with the Staffordshire STP, as part of the OD and System Leadership workstream which I am the SRO for, we commissioned a  Primary Care Leadership Development Programme. This was facilitated externally with input from a range of Combined staff, including Neil Clarke and Jane Rook from our OD team.  

The programme is aimed at developing leadership capability amongst GPs and AMPs across the whole of Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent, with a particular emphasis on developing new models of care.

Last week, I was delighted to attend the latest workshop of the first Cohort on the programme and involving a range of colleagues from across primary care, together with our own Director of Workforce,OD and Communications - Alex Brett - as well as the STP Director Simon Whitehouse.

It was a great event, with lots of debate and insight into the innovations, improved ways of working and development of effective working relationships that are catalysing change and improvement across Staffordshire. Each participant had led the development of a project which was really impressive – collectively there has been such improvement – it was a wonderful afternoon demonstrating real primary care enthusiasm and leadership.  


Technology Enabled Care Services

As you will know from previous blogs, I am also the SRO for the STP Digital Workstream.  Our main focus has been on the development of the Integrated Care Record for Staffordshire, which I wrote about last week and which is progressing apace.

Dr Ruth Chambers, the STP clinical lead for technology enabled care services, is a relentless and passionate advocate for the benefits that this can bring, and it was great to be brought up to speed by Ruth about a celebratory and sharing event which took place last week to recognise the great achievements of our range of healthcare teams who’ve deployed technology enabled care.  Unfortunately, I was unable to attend, but it sounds like a great time was had by all.

The event had a packed agenda, focussing on people’s experience of telehealth, videoconsultation, mobile apps, Patient Online and online clinical consultation triage.

An afternoon session looked a variety of uses of Facebook- whether in public settings or closed groups for example in UHNM.  It also looked at social media use in GP practices, Patient Participation Groups, as part of screening and within maternity services..

Almost 100 people across the day saw a range of presenters, and there was lots of interest & discussion and reflections on how others can adopt and share the learning.


Newcastle Extensivist Service 

Regular readers of my blog will know of the support we have provided and major role we play in the North Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Alliance.

One of the key projects being taken forward by the Alliance is the Newcastle Extensivist Service. This brings together GP practices across Newcastle to think of ways they can support older people with complex medical problems in a new and different way.   Dr Emma Sutton has done a great job driving this initiative forward.

The service reached an important milestone this month when it went live, being led by a team based in the Kidsgrove Health Centre. It will look over its first year to support around 200 people identified from the 20 Newcastle GP practices. People will be identified as likely to benefit from the service and invited to attend. This is an additional community service developed in collaboration with local GP’s and the usual GP and practice team will still remain involved in delivering care.

The Extensivist Service is a different way of delivering care. It is based around an individual’s health and social needs and provides one dedicated team of professionals who come together to work jointly with an individual and the usual GP practice to provide the best possible individual care package. This service is designed to benefit people who are aged 75 or over and have long-term conditions or complicated health needs.

The Extensivist Service is part of the wider Newcastle strategy around elderly care. This includes the introduction of ‘elderly care facilitators’ in all Newcastle practices, to offer routine reviews and early identification of issues, plus the upskilling of the wider practice team to recognise and identify frailty.

You can keep up to date with all the latest news from the Alliance, including the Newcastle Extensivist Service via the Alliance website


Annual REACH Awards nominations deadline only 4 weeks away!

Can I remind everyone that the other great way we recognise staff achievements is through our annual REACH Awards, taking place this year on the NHS 70th Anniversary on 5th July.  Nominations are open and I would urge you all to take this opportunity to have a think about a person or team who you know who have done great things and nominate them for a REACH Award.  

You can do so really easily via the REACH website at