The NHS turns 70

24 May 2018


The NHS is turning 70 on 5 July 2018. It’s the perfect opportunity to celebrate the achievements of one of the nation’s most loved institutions, to appreciate the vital role the service plays in our lives, and to recognise and thank the extraordinary NHS staff – the everyday heroes – who are always there to greet, advise and care for us.

Over the last 70 years, the NHS has transformed the health and wellbeing of the nation and become the envy of the world. We will look at the radical thinking that led to the creation of the NHS and the breakthroughs which have transformed our health and wellbeing.

The celebration will also look at how the service is evolving to meet our future needs, including the wide array of opportunities being created by advances in science, technology and information that we can look forward to over the next 70 years.

We can all play a role in supporting the NHS in this special birthday year, by volunteering, raising money for a local NHS charity, or by taking steps to look after our own health and using services wisely. Discover how you can get involved here.



70 in 70

Today, it is 7 weeks until the NHS turns 70. To celebrate this milestone, we are launching ‘70 in 70’: 70 years in 70 stories.

We are inviting our staff, past or present service users and our local community to share their stories about what the NHS means to them.

Whether it’s telling us your proudest moment as a NHS employee, a chance to thank our staff for helping your recovery, or remembering a time in your life when we helped you and your family, we would love to hear from you.

There are no rules for what you choose to share – simply tell us what the NHS means to you. It could be what encouraged you to start your career in the NHS, your everyday hero or a treasured memory.

You can even get creative with how you share with us – write to us, send in a picture of a moment or items that represent your story, or even make a short video clip for us to help to bring your story to life.

Over the next 7 weeks, will be we’ll be sharing the entries we receive on our Twitter and Facebook pages, so make sure you don’t miss out on being one of our 70 stories!

To mark the NHS 70 celebrations, this year’s REACH Awards will take place on 5 July. An invited audience of nominees, service users, carers, partner organisations and sponsors will come together to enjoy an evening all about recognising our amazing staff and celebrating our achievements. We’ll be displaying the ‘70 in 70’ submissions throughout the night of the awards ceremony, so your entry will be admired by staff from all parts of Combined Healthcare.

How to enter

Submit your entries to as an individual or as part of a team or family to be part of our ‘70 years in 70 stories’.


Find out more about NHS70 here: