We're the best flu fighters in the NHS!

02 Feb 2017

A total of 79.7% of frontline Combined NHS staff received the vaccine as of the end of 2016 – an absolutely fantastic result, coming in ahead of Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust and Greater Manchester West Mental Health Foundation NHS Trust, who were in second place and both of whom achieved 77.8%.
The NHS 75% target is a national quality target that forms part of the Healthy Workplaces initiative with financial incentives to improve the health and wellbeing of NHS staff. By reaching the target the Trust has secured £140,000 from the national programme that can now be invested in frontline NHS care.
Everyone in the Trust who has become an #NSCHTflufighter has not only protected themselves against the flu, but also their patients, family and friends.
The passionate and enthusiastic team of roving vaccinators, led by Deputy Director of Nursing Carol Sylvester and Josie Sage in the Infection Prevention and Control team, went above and beyond to ensure staff could easily receive the jab. The team concentrated on walking around Trust sites and offering the vaccination on a shift by shift basis - even coming in to vaccinate night staff.  Each and every roving vaccinator deserves to be congratulated, but a special mention goes to our Top 3 Vaccinators - Jenny Cunningham, Andy Bough and Sue Laird.

Commenting on this success, Maria Nelligan, Executive Director of Nursing and Quality, said -

"I am so pleased and so delighted for the Trust and particularly for all the staff who put in so much effort this year.  From an Infection Control point of view, I'm really pleased that we prioritised the need to protect ourselves, our families and service users and carers from the flu.

"It's unbelievable.  It really is a fantastic achievement.  We're a mental health trust and it's really difficult to get those kinds of numbers in flu vaccination uptake.  You usually would expect to see that rate only in an acute trust.  

"Our roving team of vaccinators has made a significant difference to our campaign this year, so a big thank you goes out to them.  The traditional way of delivering a flu campaign has simply been to set up clinics. But our roving vaccinators went above and beyond.  They went to people at their own workstations, they went out at night and in the evenings.  They went out to our community teams.  They went everywhere there was an event they could attend.  They opened up every opportunity and avenue they could to make sure that our staff had access to a flu vaccine this year.

"This Trust can really make things happen.  I'm so proud of our staff and what we achieve at Combined. When we have a challenge, we all pull together and we reach what I have called one of the 'miracles of Christmas'."