NHS Staff Survey – our highest ever staff response

We are delighted to announce the highest ever response from our staff to the NHS staff survey

In all, 983 staff responded to this year’s NHS staff survey – a record number and also, at 61%, the highest percentage of eligible staff ever recorded.

This beats last year’s record number (801) and is only the second time we have broken through the 800 mark.

We asked our staff to have their say and they certainly did!

This year sees the highest staff survey response rate at Combined, which we are really proud of. This shows our people believe action happens as a result of sharing their views which is something we have worked hard at achieving.

The National Staff Survey results are published in March each year, which we share with all staff.

Following this, action plans are created at both Trust level and Directorate level to help further improve the working lives of all our staff in the coming year. 

Shajeda Ahmed, Executive Director of People, Culture and Inclusion shared her views by saying;

“Undoubtedly this has been the toughest year the NHS has ever experienced. For some of us, this will be the toughest year of our careers.

 I am absolutely delighted so many of you have completed the survey this year, as your feedback is really valuable in better understanding your experiences of working at Combined.

 We have worked hard to provide increased support and measures to protect staff during the pandemic and your feedback will help us to understand the impact of this and understand how we can further support you.

 My plea to all staff, is that you take time to focus on your own psychological health and wellbeing during these difficult times too. The saying I have used throughout the pandemic still rings true, ‘You need to look after yourself, so you can look after others’.

Peter Axon, Chief Executive, also recorded this message of thanks to our staff.