North Staffs CAMHS features in national case study – “How nurses are rethinking ADHD care”

The North Staffordshire CAMHS Team have been featured in a new national case study called “Nurse led ADHD Care – discover how nurses are rethinking ADHD care”.

The case study invites readers to “meet the team behind the revolutionary ADHD care pathway redesign at North Staffordshire Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS)” and features Rachel Bullock, Sue Ford and former Combined Healthcare colleague, Ann Cox.

The case study describes how the team transformed a situation where “the whole process was medic-led which meant each child was waiting to get appointments with a psychiatrist which created a bottleneck.”

To do so, they “forged a plan to rethink the way they offered care to children, through an innovative new ADHD pathway, utilising the role of nurse practitioners to support their caseload.”

As a result, “our new pathway is evidence-based, we’re not reliant on only doing questionnaires and seeing the child for 20 minutes to come to a conclusion -it’s now about staying true to a strong evidence base and replicating it in practice.”

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