Patient Story Plus – Chloe’s Story – a service user with cerebral palsy

We are delighted to unveil the first edition of "Patient Story Plus". It features Chloe, who provides powerful and challenging reflections, feedback and suggestions from her experience as a service user with cerebral palsy.

“Patient Story Plus” is a new innovation we have introduced into our Trust Board programme of patient stories.

We have always attached huge importance to giving service users a voice at the highest level of decision-making at Combined Healthcare, through the opportunity to pre-record a short video, shown at the Trust Board meeting, telling their story and giving us their views. They have hitherto also attended the Trust Board meeting in person and been able to have a conversation with Board Members.

In our new innovation, our service user or patient will in future be given an additional opportunity to have a detailed, follow-up discussion with Kenny Laing, our Executive Director of Nursing and Quality, to receive feedback on the actions we intend to take to respond to their contribution and have a more in-depth discussion about any issues raised.

This follow up discussion, together with the original Patient Story, will then be released via our Combinations Podcast.

As you will hear, as a result of Chloe’s story, we are putting in place a range of initiatives and actions – many of them involving Chloe herself – including awareness training, input into future design of our wards and a role for Chloe in our PLACE programme.

If you have any suggestions for patient or service user stories for our Board, we would be delighted to receive them. You can e-mail our Communications Team at

You can listen to our Patient Story Plus Podcast – “Combinations Episode 29 – Patient Story Plus – Chloe – a service user with cerebral palsy” – below