Staff across Combined celebrate LGBT+ History month

February mark the start of LGBT+ History month and it has been great to see efforts from our Diversity and Inclusion Lead, Lesley Faux, and the LGBT+ Staff Network lead, Stevan Thompson, kick off celebrations across the Trust.

There have been lots of activities happening this week for both staff and service users, which includes a display in the foyer of Harplands Hospital which can be pictured below.

The display has been created by LGBT+ Staff Network members and aims to educate staff and service users about the awareness month, as well as creating a positive atmosphere in the reception and café area. The network are inviting everyone to visit the stand on Monday 6 February 2023 to get more information about the LGBT+ Network, have a chat and discuss the Rainbow Badge scheme. Staff can also be given information on how to get one of these badges.

Our Ward 6 staff are also supporting LGBT+ History month by hosting a rainbow tea party to celebrate with their service users, as well as putting up various display around the ward to raise awareness.

Some of the Ward 6 staff can be seen below, showing their support of the month.

There are also celebrations happening in our Level 1 Café in Harplands Hospital, with SERCO Staff getting involved. They said “We are only too pleased to celebrate LGBT+ History Month & promote the Rainbow badges”.

The café has been decorated and they are proudly waving the rainbow flag high! They will be giving away a mini packet of Love Hearts sweets with every order and using rainbow serviettes too.

Staff at Combined are invited to put in a pledge such as doing some reading, accessing a development programme or education session, or even watching a documentary or film with a focus on LGBT+ issues. On completion of their pledge, and demonstrating awareness, staff can then receive an NHS rainbow badge to demonstrate that they are an LGBT+ ally.

Ward 4 has created a fantastic display for older LGBT+ persons which can be seen below. This highlights key issues such as how to support older people who identify as LGBT+ and have dementia.

The Trust will also be progressing our NHS Rainbow Badge Phase 2 assessment feedback into an agreed Trust action plan and kick-starting the project by implementing actions throughout LGBT+ History Month.

The Trust’s Diversity and Inclusion Lead, Lesley Faux, is placing importance on widening the LGBT+ awareness:

“It is great to see such an active LGBT+ community within Combined and we’d really like encourage more colleagues who identify as LGBT+ to feel confident and comfortable to disclose this identity in their staff record and to join the LGBT+ Staff Network. It is also good to be part of a wider system approach to this awareness month, and I look forward to seeing how these relations develop in the future.”