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Diversity & Inclusion Award

This award recognises the contribution of staff and volunteers who have made a positive difference in developing greater diversity and inclusion. This might be improving access and experience to services or employment for people in disadvantaged or minority groups, improving quality of life or quality of working life.

This award recognises an individual or teams who have gone beyond expectations to develop improved inclusion for others, driven by a clear vision to make a more equal world. The nominee will have a reputation for strong values of fairness and equity and of treating everyone as an individual. The nominee may have developed inclusion for patients, service users and carers or for colleagues working in the Trust.   

Leading with Compassion Award

This award recognises a member of staff who values and develops people, sees them as individuals and encourages working together for better lives through an open and honest approach. It recognises an individual who has demonstrated compassionate leadership with patients, colleagues or their wider team.

This award pays tribute to an individual who has achieved something significant and created a compelling vision for others to follow.  The nominee will have a reputation for compassionately and successfully tackling issues and leading innovative changes which benefit our service users, staff and the wider public. The development of people can also be a particular strength of these nominations.

Learner of the Year Award

This award recognises and celebrates our learners and the contribution they make to Combined and its service users. This award is open to students, apprenticeships and anyone studying as part of their role across the Trust.

The winning learner will be an individual who has successfully embedded learning in the workplace/placement area while providing outstanding care and compassion to our service users. The judges will be looking for a learner of any age who has shown their dedication to learning, evidence of compassion, and brought innovative ideas into the workplace.

Partnership Award

This award showcases how an individual or team can work in partnership to produce results to improve the lives of others.

Individuals or teams who have broken down professional barriers across the Trust and/or with partner organisations, leading to a positive impact on the experience of service users. It can include small- or large-scale initiatives, either internal or external, with a range of groups and organisations.

Proud to CARE Award

This award recognises someone who exemplifies our Proud to CARE values.

This category recognises a member of staff who best represents our Trust values of Proud to CARE – Compassionate, Approachable, Responsible and Excellent. A shortlist of the staff with the greatest number of nominations will then be voted on by staff to decide the ultimate winner!

Research & Innovation Award

This award recognises innovation or achievement in research and development or practice which has a positive impact on mental health care or improves quality or value for money services through innovative approaches.

This category is open to individuals or teams who have undertaken research and development projects, developed a new idea or implemented an innovative solution that has had a real impact. It may be a new service, service development or programme of education which has led to improvements in mental health care, improved quality or efficiency, or reduced costs or waste.

Rising Star Award

This award recognises emerging exceptional leaders who are exceeding expectations and making change happen. The award aims to recognise the influencers of today, and the senior leaders of tomorrow.

This award recognises our emerging leaders – individuals who are generating new ways of working with innovative approaches to change, influencing and inspiring others to join them and taking a compassionate approach to leadership to deliver meaningful results to both colleagues and patients alike.

Service User & Carer Council Award

Nominations can only be made by Service Users and Carers. This award values individual or teams who stand out from the crowd for being thoughtful, for listening and responding to our service users’ needs.

This category recognises outstanding contributions made for the needs of service users and carers, with evidence of a real commitment to patient care. Nominated by our Service Users and Carers, this award celebrates those staff who make a real contribution to creating a positive experience for service users and carers using Trust values and behaviours.

Team of the Year Award

This award is given to a team which shows, through their actions and approaches, how they work together to improve the lives of others.

The winning team will be one which can show how team members have  worked together to achieve team goals, provide evidence of achieving something significant as a team and can demonstrate creative approaches to problem solving.

Unsung Hero Award

This award pays tribute to an individual who has exceeded the expectations of their role with an outstanding attitude and behaviour.

The winner of this award will be someone who goes beyond what is expected of their role. Working behind the scenes, or in a supportive role, they have a positive attitude and, through their actions, help to make a difference to others.

Volunteer/Service User Representative of the Year Award

This award pays tribute to someone who works to improve the lives of others.

The work of volunteers and service user representatives is recognised with this award which honours someone who has made an outstanding contribution to the patient or staff experience.  This can be in a number of ways, including supporting the care of service users, administrative support, customer care or fundraising.