Sustainability launch event

The Sustainability Working Group at Combined has been busy planning the Trust’s sustainability launch, which will take place on the 28th April from 1pm-3pm in Harplands Hospital foyer.

It will be a great opportunity for attendees to make green pledges, committing to making a change in their lives to try and be more sustainable, as well as taking part in the distribution of wildlife flower bombs onsite. There will also be a range of stalls with sustainable/nature-focused products for sale which is supporting local businesses, alongside a raffle with a variety of prizes. Trade union, Unison, has also donated some money toward a Field Maple tree which will be planted at the event in both a celebration of sustainability and Workers’ Memorial Day.

There are a range of sustainability initiatives happening across the Trust, which attendees will be able to find out more about at the event.

Liz Mellor, Director of Strategy and Partnerships, is the sustainability lead at Combined and is excited for the event:

“There has been some real momentum by the Sustainability Group and this event is a great opportunity to celebrate the work on our green agenda so far, including working with local businesses and colleagues to show sustainable options available in our community. I am really pleased with the initiatives that we have rolled out already, including the Switch Off Campaign and the contract for the new recycling bins at Harplands which we hope to see across the Trust soon. Everyone is welcome to come along on the 28th April, and I look forward to seeing you there.”