Working arrangements to March 2022

Combined Healthcare has today published its working arrangements to March 2022

The announcement is the outcome of extensive engagement and discussions that have been taking part across the whole Trust – with the three key messages being – clarity, safety and support.

The arrangements have deliberately been designed to be staff led and heavily shaped by our teams and managers – including via our staff survey feedback, Regroup-Reflect-Recharge initiative, individual team meetings, discussion at a range of staff and managers’ fora including the Senior Leadership Team meeting, Clinical Professional Advisory Group, the Corporate Recovery Group, Clinical Recovery Project, Incident Management Group and finally the Executive Team.

The outcome of all of this activity is that we have been able to arrive together at a place where we can give everyone some clarity and certainty not just for the next few weeks,  but for several months.  We also have been able to agree a set of core principles which can be used to achieve consistency and structure around any individual discussions between staff and their line managers.

We can now move forward with a set of working arrangements and principles that deliver what lies at the heart of what Combined Healthcare stands for – being Outstanding in ALL we do and HOW we do it.

Our arrangements are centred on three key messages

  • Clarity – where staff can, we will work from home until the end of March 2022 at the earliest and continue to adopt our ‘digital first’ approach
  • Safety – the threat of Covid-19 will remain with us for some time and despite the tremendous vaccine effort and the ongoing IPC and social distance requirement, we must and will fulfil our obligation to keep our patients and staff as safe as possible whilst at work, by continuing with existing IPC requirements
  • Support–   We recognise the challenges this may pose for individuals and teams and to support this a set of 10 principles have been developed to support how you work over the next 9 months initially 


Watch Peter Axon introduce the new arrangements

10 supporting principles

Our arrangements are supported by 10 principles to guide individual conversations between staff and their line managers.

  • High Quality – We will embed quality in all our work across the Trust – irrespective of clinical specialism or corporate role
  • People – All of our teams – Clinical and Corporate – will work collectively to drive our continued transformation
  • Innovation – We will continually look to relentlessly innovate, innovate, innovate – as part of our overall commitment to being Outstanding
  • Agile/Flexible Working – We will champion Agile/Flexible working in ways that meet both the individual and collective needs of our people, teams and service users
  • Digital First – We are a Digital by Choice organisation developing a national reputation as a leader in the use of digital technology
  • Support choice – We are opposed to adopting a “one size fits all” approach and will not do so
  • Fulfil duty of care – We will always fulfil our most important duty – to care for each and every one of us
  • Look forward not back – We will embrace the future, not the past – recognising that our best days are ahead of us
  • Can Do Approach – We have done amazing things together and will continue to succeed together
  • Be balanced and fair – we will be both balanced and fair in our approach – recognising and respecting the range of perspectives of all of us

A guide providing more detail of each of these principles can be downloaded here