Freedom to Speak Up and raising concerns

Everyone has the right to feel safe at work and have that sense of belonging for a positive work-life experience.

As a trust we have always recognised the importance of listening to concerns raised by our staff.   

Our priority remains as always to foster an environment where open communication and proactive measures lead, as much as possible, to positive outcomes for all.  

Ensuring there are opportunities for staff to speak up and raise concerns is vital. We encourage you to speak up as early as possible so that you can share your concern, ensure you are heard and together, review how best to support you.

Our Freedom To Speak Up Guardian, Marie Barley, is here for you.

Our Freedom To Speak Up Guardian is here to listen to you, encouraging you to help us to create a being open culture, speaking up and out to make things better for everyone at Combined. We want your work life to be a positive experience. Every concern matters – no matter how big or small.

If you need to speak to Marie to raise a concern, please email

For more information, please visit the Freedom to Speak Up page on the trust’s intranet. 

Please visit NHS England and the National Guardian’s Office for general information regarding Freedom to Speak Up.

"Providing safe spaces for you to openly share your voice, raise any queries or share your concerns is critical. Speaking up also helps us to get things right where we may not always have seen the opportunity. Please do get in touch with me with any concerns or thoughts you may have to improve access or to make FTSU better"

Alternative routes for raising concerns

There are many alternative and established routes for you to raise your concerns, if you do not feel Freedom To Speak Up is the right for you. Please click below to access the services and contact details.

Freedom to Speak Up Champions

Our Freedom To Speak Up Champions are available for you to discuss any matter you feel are concerning you. Champions have been allocated to each directorate, but please don’t feel that you have to use that specific champion. You are, of course, free to choose who you feel most comfortable with having that initial conversation if not with our Guardian. Find out details on the trust intranet.

Non-Executive Lead for Freedom To Speak Up – Janet Dawson

Janet is an incredible support to our Freedom To Speak Up Guardian and as a Non-Executive Director of the trust board, has the independence to offer constructive challenge to our executive directors.

Janet is also here to offer independent support to you all, with any worries or concerns you may have about our speaking up platforms. You can contact Janet on email: