Mental Health Liaison Team

Service based at:

Royal Stoke University Hospital
Newcastle Road

Service hours

24 hours per day 7 days per week 365 days a year

About the service

The Mental Health Liaison Team is an essential component of the Acute Care pathway providing assessment and rapid access as appropriate.

The Liaison model is open to all who present with urgent mental health needs at emergency portals, and inpatient areas at the Royal Stoke or Community Hospitals. The Liaison team functions as a multi-disciplinary team within the Royal.

The model operates as a rapid response liaison team, for people with mental health needs in an acute general or community hospital setting. The team extends beyond patient contact into the education of medical, nursing colleagues and allied professionals.

It provides a 7 day single point of access for all inpatients and people who attend the emergency portals at the Royal Stoke and are admitted to the inpatient areas, this also includes the community hospitals.

We are commissioned to respond to the ED within 1 hour, emergency portals within 4hours and referrals from wards within 24hrs.