PatientAide – Take control of your health and wellbeing.

PatientAide lets healthcare organisations communicate better with their patients.

It provides secure mobile access to key services and the information patients need to make informed decisions about how best to manage their health and actively participate in their care.

PatientAide can be accessed via a mobile app on smartphones or tablets (Android and iOS) or a secure web-portal.

PatientAide enables patients to undertake tasks such as filling in questionnaires to adding health data gathered from third-party devices to their record.

Key Benefits:

  • Patients can view any letters/correspondence/test results that the clinician pushes to the app.
  • Patients can fill in questionnaires before or after an appointment.
  • Clinicians can push through media such as key documents, YouTube videos or URLs using the Media Management function.
  • Patients can view their medications/conditions/procedures and allergies.
  • Patients can connect their personal devices, such as a Fitbit or Garmin, to track their health activities.
  • The calendar function allows patients to view their appointments and request to cancel them using the app.


What is PatientAide?

PatientAide is an application that allows patients to view parts of the clinical record from Combined Healthcare. It is a web-based app so you can access this from any device. 

How do I gain access to my information on PatientAide?

Your clinician will need to enrol you. Please ask your clinician to give you access at your next appointment.

What information is available?

PatientAide will share appointment letters, results, appointments as well as other information.

Can I delegate parts of my PatientAide record to my carer/guardian?

Yes, you can by giving them access to all or parts of your record.

What information can I send back to my clinician?

You will be able to send back questionnaires so you can complete these in your own time.

Logging into PatientAide

A tour of the PatientAide home screen

Health and wellbeing on PatientAide

Wellbeing Portal and PatientAide

A tour around the Your Files tab

A tour around the My Health tab

A tour around the My Calendar tab