The Trust is a research active organisation, and offering patients an opportunity to take part in high quality research continues to be a top priority.

The Research and Development Team is committed to bringing the best patient care to the people of North Staffordshire through new treatments and therapies by active involvement in innovative research and developing and harnessing new ideas. Our portfolio covers a range of specialities within the mental health arena, offering patients the opportunity to take part in a wide choice of research initiatives.

Over the past few years, there has been a steady growth in the number of research studies undertaken, patients recruited into trials, and the number of NHS staff involved in our research, thus creating more opportunities for patients to become involved in research. The Trust continues to strive to increase these figures.


The team provides an excellent research support service and has a range of resources available to create sustainable research capacity in the organisation, provide support to our clinical teams and deliver research. Please see our Research Capability Statement for more details.

Getting involved

Last year, more than half a million NHS patients chose to take part in clinical research studies. It’s thanks to those patients that we are constantly learning about how to deal with a whole range of conditions – and make real breakthroughs that will improve lives. Local doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals may already be working on research for problems that affect either you or your loved ones. Please see our Contact for Research information to ‘sign up’ to our research register.


To view our NIHR Performance in Delivery and Initiating Research reports on clinical trials, please click here.

Conducting research

If you have an idea for a research study, require study development support, advice about funding your research or are seeking approvals guidance, in the first instance, please contact our R&D team:

Research and Development Team
Management Suite
Harplands Hospital
Hilton Road
ST4 6TH – click here to get directions from Google Maps

Tel: 01782 441773