A physician is a senior doctor who practises in one of the medical specialties. Once specialty training has been completed, doctors are able to apply for consultant posts. This can be a very competitive process, particularly in certain specialties

NHS England provides assessment and triage for the north of the West Midlands. With NHS partners within the region and NHS England we have commenced a New Care Models project that aims to devolve commissioning arrangements to a local partnership of providers. Stoke on Trent and North Staffordshire have been selected as Trailblazer sites, with both developing new teams to support young people in schools and colleges. Stoke on Trent will also improve access to CAMHs services through reducing waiting times to 4 weeks. This is an exciting time for CAMHs services in the area with the recent addition of Home Treatment services to our Tier 3 provision.

The Trust has strong links with Keele University and has been rated as Good by CQC. The Trust trains specialist psychiatry trainees from CT1 – to ST6 level, GP Trainees, and pre-registration FY1 and FY2 trainees, in various posts throughout the directorates. Consultants also participate in the weekly CPD/post-graduate teaching arrangements, and can expand their teaching contribution in line with their personal development.