Patient and public involvement and experience

The involvement of service users/patients and carers and the general public in shaping and improving our services is at the heart of the modernisation of the NHS. The need to involve patients has been reflected in a wide range of government publications during the past few years, and by a rapidly increasing growth and diversity of patient involvement activities across the NHS.

Involvement is also an integral part of the process of self-direction, which the Trust has embarked on throughout its clinical/non-clinical teams.

In order to promote involvement and inclusion, the Trust has an established Patient and Public Involvement/Equality and Diversity Team, bringing together a number of colleagues with relevant responsibilities and experience including:


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Trust’s Equality Statement

The Trust’s objective is to deliver high quality services that are accessible, responsive and appropriate to meet the diverse needs of different groups and individuals.

The Trust aspires to be an Equal Opportunities employer and service provider. Our aim is to ensure that all employees and service users are not subject to any form of discrimination, harassment and/or bullying at any time on the basis of their age, gender, ethnic origin, colour, disability, illness (such as HIV or AIDS), marital status, nationality, race, religion, sexual orientation and social background.

Contact details for the Patient Experience Team are listed below. Please feel free to contact us for any support that you may require.

Patient Experience Team
Harplands Hospital
Hilton Road
ST4 6TH – click here to get directions from Google Maps

Tel: 01782 275171