Our vision, values, quality priorities and objectives

Our vision

Our vision is “To be Outstanding” – in all we do and how we do it.

In this short film below, our Chief Executive, Peter Axon, outlines the three factors that make up an Outstanding organisation.

Proud to CARE – our values for the way we want our staff to behave

In delivering our services – as well as in all of our working relationships with service users, carers, families, stakeholders and each other, we are guided by our Proud to CARE values – to be compassionate, approachable, responsible and excellent.

We have launched our Behaviours Framework – co-designed with our staff and service users – to ensure we live our values in all we do.

The Framework takes each of the four values and provides five examples of behaviours that would demonstrate that we are adhering to those values in our day to day working lives.

SPAR – our quality priorities – the four key areas which evidence that we are delivering high quality care and treatment to those using our services in a way that is person-centred

Our vision is underpinned by our SPAR quality priorities – to provide services that are safepersonalisedaccessible and recovery-focused.

These guide all we do and are the benchmark against which we judge how we perform.


Our strategy

The full details of our Trust Strategy can be found here.

We plan for the next five years (longer-term direction of travel), two years (medium-term priorities) and one year (key activities within any given financial year).

In November 2020, we unveiled our updated strategy which sets out our sustained commitment to continuously improve services and takes account of national requirements and local priorities. This strategy is built around four strategic themes:

  • Quality – We will provide the highest quality, safe and effective services
  • People – We will attract, develop and retain the best people
  • Partnerships – We will actively promote partnership and integrated models of working
  • Sustainability – We will increase our efficiency and effectiveness through sustainable development.

The initial launch of our new Trust strategy took place via an online event to which we invited both external and internal colleagues. This was the first time the Trust had published its strategy in this way and we were delighted that so many partners, stakeholders and colleagues were able to join us for the live launch. 

We will now engage in unprecedented fashion with our staff, service users and partners to help turn that strategy into a brilliant future.

The Trust strategy does not stand alone. Delivery is supported by a series of enabling strategies that, together, form a statement of intent about the direction the Trust will take over the coming years as well as the aspirations we have for the future.

These include our medical strategy corporate and clinical recovery strategies, Digital Strategy and Communications and Engagement strategy.

A Greener NHS 

The NHS is the world’s first health service to commit to reaching carbon net zero, in response to the profound and growing threat to health posed by climate change. The “Delivering
a Net Zero Health Service
report sets out a clear ambition and two evidence-based targets.

Partners in Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent are working together to tackle climate change, and there are lots of ways we can all do our bit.

Watch this film featuring Chris Bird, System Lead for Sustainability, on what we are doing locally.


Read Combined Healthcare’s Greener NHS Plan here: NSCHT Greener NHS Plan – final for Trust Board – v14 07.01.222


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