Our vision, values, quality priorities and objectives

Our vision

Our vision is “To be Outstanding” – in all we do and how we do it.

We are on a continuing journey towards that vision that we call “Towards Outstanding”.

In this short film below, our Chief Executive, Peter Axon, outlines the three factors that make up an Outstanding organisation.

Proud to CARE – our values for the way we want our staff to behave

In delivering our services – as well as in all of our working relationships with service users, carers, families, stakeholders and each other, we are guided by our Proud to CARE values – to be compassionate, approachable, responsible and excellent.

We have launched our Behaviours Framework – co-designed with our staff and service users – to ensure we live our values in all we do.

The Framework takes each of the four values and provides five examples of behaviours that would demonstrate that we are adhering to those values in our day to day working lives.

SPAR – our quality priorities – the four key areas which evidence that we are delivering high quality care and treatment to those using our services in a way that is person-centred

Our vision is underpinned by our SPAR quality priorities – to provide services that are safepersonalisedaccessible and recovery-focused.

These guide all we do and are the benchmark against which we judge how we perform.


Our Strategic Objectives

  1. 1. Enhance service user and carer involvement
  2. 2. Provide the highest quality services 
  3. 3. Create a learning culture to continually improve
  4. 4. Encourage, inspire and implement research and innovation at all levels
  5. 5. Attract and inspire the best people to work here
  6. 6. Maximise and use our resources intelligently and efficiently
  7. 7. Continually improve our partnership working