Combined Healthcare introduces tool to break down online accessibility barriers

As part of its ongoing commitment towards inclusivity and accessibility, Combined Healthcare has installed web accessibility software, Recite Me, onto its website.

According to the Recite Me website, “over 1 billion people worldwide encounter barriers when trying to read and understand content online.” With Recite Me now active on its website, Combined Healthcare is able to offer an on-demand accessibility solution to meet a range of needs and become more digitally inclusive. The software ensures that the website is user-friendly for individuals with disabilities, learning difficulties, visual impairments or people who speak other languages.  

The Recite Me toolbar includes the following:

  • Screen reader – helps perceive and understand digital content by reading aloud and it can be customised to the viewer
  • Reading – help simplify the website by using tools such as screen mask magnifier margins the directory and a ruler
  • Styling – users are able to customise the website colour scheme as well as text font size colour and spacing
  • Translation – quickly and easily translate all web content into over 100 languages including 65 text to speech voices

Web accessibility is crucial for healthcare organisations to ensure equal care standards and the implementation of Recite Me complements the considerate service offered by the trust. It ensures that website users can access the care and information they need in an appropriate and timely manner. It also allows those who may be technologically challenged and those with physical impairments to use the website more independently. This access to information empowers the user and reinforces the trust’s commitment to inclusion.

To use the Recite Me software, users need to click ‘Accessibility Toolbar’ from any page on the trust’s external site. This will launch the toolbar, giving the user access to the tools listed above.