Combined Healthcare launches Oxevision on wards

North Staffordshire Combined Healthcare NHS Trust has launched a medical monitoring tool onto a number of its wards.

Oxevision is a device that helps staff to care for patients more safely without the need for patients to be interrupted. Using an infrared-sensitive camera, the device measures the patient’s pulse and breathing rate without the need to enter the room.

Developed in collaboration with patients, carers, doctors and nurses, Oxevision has been designed specifically for mental health care to allow remote monitoring of these vitals. Staff are also notified of rest and active periods, including how active the patient has been, if they have entered the bathroom and if someone has entered the room with them.

The trust has installed Oxevision on Ward 6, PICU (Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit) and seclusion room (PICU). While the trust is already realising the benefits of the tool, it does not replace patient care that staff provide and it does not monitor all of a patient’s activity and personal data is protected by NHS regulation and national law.

Liz Mellor, Chief Strategy Officer for the trust, said: “Since implementing Oxevision in December 2023, our staff have benefited from this cutting-edge system meaning service users pulse and breathing rates can be safely monitored without disruption. This digital innovation not only provides reassurance for some simple yet regular tasks but also allows our team to devote more quality time to patient-centred care.”

Staff who have used Oxevision have said:

“Patients weren’t enjoying being disturbed every 15 minutes of the night to have flashing lights in so they feel better where we’re not doing that because we’re able to use the Oxevision. Again, we’re not disturbing them throughout the day where they are trying to just have some downtime and rest so that they feel like they can have some more privacy, which is really good.

“Oxevision means we can keep an eye on those who are maybe a bit more distressed or a bit more agitated without actually being in their space, because that can sometimes create more distress and agitation.”

“For reassurance and peace of mind, it’s a fabulous supportive tool and I think it just benefits patient care, risk management and health and safety.”

The trust will continue to work together with staff and patients to collect feedback to inform further rollout within the hospital.

For more information on Oxevision, click here.