Combined Virtual Reality training film goes international on World Delirium Day

To mark World Delirium Awareness Day 2024, Combined Healthcare is proud to announced that its highly innovative Virtual Reality Delirium Training film has gone international, with the launch of a Danish language version, produced in partnership with Gødstrup Hospital, Herning, Denmark.

What is CVR Delirium Training?

Combined Virtual Reality (CVR) Delirium Training was launched two years ago on World Delirium Awareness Day 2022.  

Designed and delivered entirely by Dr Becky Chubb, Consultant Psychiatrist and an in-house team at the trust, it is a highly innovative training VR film to help frontline healthcare staff create conversations, increase understanding and empathy towards those with delirium and encourage us all to ‘think delirium’.

The film places the viewer inside the head of a patient with delirium in a hospital bed.  We see what the patient sees, hear the thoughts in her head and experience some aspects of what delirium causes her to see.   This includes delusions that staff are conspiring to poison her and fellow patients and dispose of their bodies, that the building is under attack and that air raid sirens are going off.

The staff caring for this patient are unaware of these thoughts and perceptions and they struggle to understand why the patient is behaving as she does, so they respond in a less than helpful way.  They also forget to place back her glasses or to turn on her hearing aide, adding to her distress.  Eventually, a member of staff DOES recognise her distress and comes to her help.  

You can watch the training video either in its original English version or in the new Danish language version below either through a VR headset (such as Oculus Quest) or in a normal web browser, using drag and move to experience the 360 degree effect.

English language version

Danish language version

Commenting on the partnership between Combined Healthcare and Gødstrup Hospital, Henrik Nielsen, Simulation Co-ordinator said

“Being given the possiblity to use Becky´s VR production and have it translated into Danish for demonstration purpose on World Delirium Awareness Day is one in many steps in our journey in using 360 VR for more innovative teaching and competence enhancement. This is a stepping stone towards expanding knowledge on treating and caring for the patient in delirium, as well as reaching our goal of becoming recognised as a delirium friendly hospital founded in using research and education for the benefits of our patients.

We believe this partnership could evolve to sharing more knowledge and lessons learned on competence enhancing our coworkers and improve patient handling”

Dr Becky Chubb said

“I’m absolutely thrilled that our delirium education VR film has recently been translated into Danish and is now being used by colleagues internationally. It goes to show the will and desire for members of the delirium community to collaborate in a bid to improve care for those affected by delirium. I can’t wait to see what further joint working is possible in the future.”