North Staffordshire Combined Healthcare NHS Trust publishes its Anti-Racism Statement

This week, during Race Equality Week 2024, Noth Staffordshire Combined Healthcare NHS Trust has published its Anti-Racism Statement and commitment to becoming an anti-racist organisation.

At North Staffordshire Combined Healthcare NHS Trust, we are committed to being an anti-racist organisation. At Combined Healthcare, we take pride in being a diverse and inclusive trust. There is no place in our organisation for racism, harassment, personal abuse and discrimination of any kind. Colleagues should all feel safe and confident to be ourselves at work, and that our individual needs and strengths are recognised, valued and supported. We will be held accountable for any discriminative behaviours or actions towards our colleagues, service users or carers.

In declaring our intention towards becoming an anti-racist organisation we:

  • Commit to developing understanding by colleagues, service users or carers of the scale of institutional racism.
  • Challenge race discrimination and create a fair and equitable workplace where all our colleagues can thrive.
  • Act to build the personal and organisational leadership capability and accountability needed to tackle racism.

For more information regarding the Anti-Racism Statement and what we are doing to become an anti-racist trust, please view the full PDF.