Early Intervention

Service name

Early Intervention

Main contact number

01782 275098

Service based at

Hope Centre
Upper Huntbach Street
ST1 2BX – click here to get directions from Google Maps

Service hours

9am-5pm – Monday to Friday

About the service

The Early Intervention Team is a dedicated service for those aged 14-64 years. It supports service users and families affected by a first episode of psychosis or at risk mental states. The team are implementing the access and waiting times standard by delivering NICE concordant interventions in a timely way.

The service vision is:

  • To improve the life chances of those affected by a first episode of psychosis:
  • To provide a person centred recovery approach that responds to the needs and aspirations of those we work and engage with
  • To reduce the time it takes to provide effective treatment and support when a person first starts to become unwell
  • To respond with compassion and care, instilling hope and optimism for the future
  • To provide a service that delivers a socially inclusive approach strengthening users social capital
  • To work effectively and creatively with users and partners to deliver recovery outcomes

The Early Intervention Team has a dedicated website, which can be found here.