People with learning disabilities have the same rights as all members of society and should have the same hopes and expectations of a fulfilled, happy and integrated life.

We create personalised care programmes for anyone aged 18 and over with a learning disability or challenging needs which require specialist help.

The term ‘learning disability’ can be applied to a diverse range of mental disabilities, some of which are accompanied by physical problems. Typically, a person with learning disabilities finds it harder to understand information and learn new skills, and may find it difficult to cope independently.

We provide care and support to help each person live in their own home, in control of their lives and engaged in their community. Where this is not possible we offer excellent assessment and 24-hour treatment support in the Assessment and Treatment Unit, where we design individual packages of care leading to discharge and successful placements close to their homes.

Our community teams bring together community learning disability nurses, psychiatrists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, speech and language therapists, clinical psychologists and other applied psychological therapists. These teams work in partnership with local authorities and other organisations to provide a range of care services and therapies.

Our inpatient settings offer services for people whose behaviour may be too challenging for other residential and community services.

Our specialist teams of psychologists, psychiatrists nurses and therapists deliver exceptional care. We aim to discharge people as early as possible, following thorough assessments which give us all the information we need to create individual care packages.