The Trust provides services in the local community and in hospital for people wishing to recover from misuse of alcohol and/or drugs.

Our approach to your care includes ‘the recovery model’, which means we believe that when people are misusing drugs or alcohol significant improvements in physical and mental health are possible, and we want to help people achieve this.

Understanding your life and experiences, past and present, is an essential part of recovery and well-being. This includes the difficult life experiences that can lead tostress and trauma, such as assault, domestic violence, debt, abuse, and neglect. Understanding your cultural and religious or spiritual beliefs is also very important.

Our substance misuse services are there to support you in this process and can help you on the pathway to a full recovery.

The lifestyle choices that will help you improve your health include exercise, good diet and sleep habits, outdoor, creative and social activities.

We can identify what treatments may be helpful and either provide this ourselves or help you get access to them. This may include medication, counselling, social support or complementary therapy.