Revolutionising patient care with the launch of PatientAide by Combined Healthcare

North Staffordshire Combined Healthcare NHS Trust is pleased to launch PatientAide for patients and service users. It is an online tool that allows patients to access their health documents all in one place.

How can I access PatientAide?

PatientAide is accessible through a free mobile app on smartphones or tablets (compatible with Android and iOS) and on an online webpage. To use PatientAide, patients and service users will need to be signed up by their healthcare professional from the trust before they can register with their details on the app.

Key features and benefits

1. Appointment management: Patients can view their upcoming appointments in the calendar and request cancellations directly through PatientAide

2. Health overview: Patients can view their medications, questionnaires, procedures and allergies on PatientAide.

3. View additional resources: Clinicians can make various media available through the app, including key documents, YouTube videos or web links to make sure patients have access to valuable resources to support them. Liz Mellor, Chief Strategy Officer at Combined Healthcare, is pleased to see PatientAide available for patients and clinicians:

“PatientAide aims to help communication between the clinicians and their patients. By putting essential information and tools directly into the hands of patients, this innovative platform is expected to create positive changes in how people manage their health. As PatientAide becomes available, patients who use it can look forward to a more connected, informed, and personalised healthcare experience.”

To find out more about PatientAide, either speak to your clinician or visit the Patient Aide page on the trust website.