Publication scheme

Every public authority is required to adopt and maintain and approved publication scheme. A publication scheme is a commitmentto routinely and proactively provide information to the public.

The Trust has adopted the model publication scheme approved by the Information Commissioner. The publication scheme can be viewed on the Information Commissioner’s website by following the link below. This publication scheme is valid from 1 January 2009 until further notice.

Model publication scheme – The publication scheme commits the Trust to make information available as part of its normal business activities. The Information Commissioner has issued specific guidance about the information that NHS trusts are expected to make available. The guidance for NHS trusts can also be viewed on the Information Commissioner’s website by following the link below.

Definition document for health bodies in England – The Trust has produced a guide to Information to inform the public what information is covered by this scheme and how it can be obtained. Wherever possible, information will be made routinely available on this website. The guide to Information is available by following the link below. The guide will be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that it still reflects the work of the Trust and does not wrongly omit information.

Guide to information – Information held by the Trust that is not published under this scheme can be requested in writing, when its provision will be considered in accordance with the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act.

Being Open – Duty of Candour Policy –  Promoting a culture of openness is a prerequisite to improving patient safety and the quality of healthcare systems. It involves explaining and apologising to a patient/carer s that has been harmed or involved in an incident as a result of their healthcare treatment. It ensures communication is open, honest and occurs as soon as possible following an incident. It encompasses communication between healthcare organisations, healthcare teams and patients and/or their carers.

Disciplinary Policy

If you require access to any of the publications referred to in the publication scheme or want guidance on how to access information under the general right of access please contact:

Laurie Wrench
Associate Director of Governance
North Staffordshire Combined Healthcare NHS Trust
Lawton House
Belringer Road
Tel: 0300 123 3157