Inclusion Council Membership

The current membership of the Inclusion Council is:

Caroline Donovan – (Chair) Chief Executive
Linda Holland – (Vice Chair) Director of Workforce, OD & Inclusion (+ Inclusive HR Project)
Jane Rook – Associate Director of Organisation Development
Lesley Faux – Diversity and Inclusion Lead
Cherie Cuthbertson – Resourcing and Retention Lead – Inclusive HR Processes
Tes Zaheer – Role – Inclusive HR Processes
Helen Smith – Workforce Business Partner – Inclusive HR Processes
Linda Holland – Inclusive Recruitment / HR Processes Exec
Sue Slater – Education & Development Manager – Development Project
Tanisha Molloy – BAME Inclusion Facilitator – Development Project
Claudia Oakley – Management Assistant – Development Project
Maria Nelligan – Director of Nursing & Quality – Development Project
Frazer MacDonald – Responding to and Improving from Incidents
Desi Somers – Health Care Support Worker – Incidents Project
Buki Adeyemo – Director of Medical and Clinical Effectiveness – Incidents Project
Neil Clarke – Talent, Leadership & OD Manager – OD Culture of Inclusion
Tendai Chirawu – BAME Inclusion Facilitator Culture of Inclusion Project
Jonathan O’Brien – Culture of Inclusion Project
Dr Dennis Okolo – Culture of Inclusion Project
Durkhashan Hussain (Dee) – Culture of Inclusion Project
Joe McCrea – Associate Director of Communications – Communicating for Inclusion
Nikita Duncan – Communicating for Inclusion
Susan Gombedza – Communicating for Inclusion

Steve Jones – Staff Side Rep }
Jenny Harvey – Staff Side Rep } to share attendance
Colin Burgess -Staff Side Rep }
Claudia Oakley – Reverse Mentoring/ Career Development Project
Lesley Whittaker – Development / Incidents projects

TBC – Service User/Carer Rep