Your first visit to CAMHS (younger people)

Coming to CAMHS for the first time might seem scary but you don’t need to worry. When you come to see us the first person you meet is our friendly receptionist. She will let the person you are coming to see know that you have arrived. You might sit in our waiting room for a bit, there are a few games and books but you can bring your own if you want to.

We will then ask you in to one of our quieter rooms where we can talk without being disturbed. Your mum, dad or carer will be able to come with you.

What sort of stuff will we talk about?

When you first come and see us we will want to get to know you and find out what life’s been like for you. We might ask you about school or friends or the kind of things you like doing like swimming, dancing, football or drawing.

You can ask us questions too so before you come, you could write down things you want to say and bring them with you.

Things to remember

Lots of children like you come to CAMHS for many different reasons. We are here to help you and find ways to make you feel better.

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CAMHS Ready is a tool for young people and their families that makes sure you get the most out of your first visit to North Staffordshire CAMHS.

If you’re struggling with your thoughts, feelings, or actions, we can help.

Click here to access CAMHS Ready