What do you think of our services?

Your chance to give us your views!

North Staffordshire Combined Healthcare NHS Trust is carrying out a survey to find out what people think about they care they receive from our services. The Trust plans to use this feedback to improve service users’ experiences, to highlight areas where we are performing well and to identify the areas where we need to do things better.

If you have recently been seen by community services at the Trust, you may receive a questionnaire in February or March asking about your experiences. You will be asked about various aspects of your care, such as the quality of treatment and therapies, how your care is planned and organised, and how your treatment changed during the coronavirus pandemic. Two reminder letters will also be sent in the following weeks.

To send out the questionnaires, we will select a sample of people who have recently used our services. Personal data about your involvement in the survey is not used for any other purpose and your answers to the survey are not linked to your name or full address.

A contractor approved by the Care Quality Commission, Quality Health, is administering the survey on behalf of the Trust. This means that the responses you give are completely anonymous to us. For this reason, the response envelope may not be addressed to the Trust, however please be assured that this is being sent on our behalf and all responses will be fed back to us anonymously. Quality Health administer the survey for many mental health Trusts nationally and we have an agreement in place with them which covers how your information will be used. Your details will be passed to Quality Health only so that they can send the questionnaires and reminder letters and process responses. Quality Health will delete your contact details once the survey process is completed.

All responses are confidential and the results of the survey will be presented in a form that does not allow any individual’s answers to be identified. The results will be published by us in autumn 2021, when they will also be published on the national Care Quality Commission website.

If you receive a questionnaire but you do not wish to take part, you can let us know by returning a blank questionnaire or by calling the helpline number given on the front page of the questionnaire. The helpline can also answer any questions you may have about the survey, help you to complete it, or provide the survey in alternative formats (such as large print or Braille) and languages if needed. If you decide you do not want to complete the survey you will not have to give a reason why and this will not affect your care.

"Your feedback is so important to us because our services are centred around you – we need to know what you think we are doing well and where we need to improve so that we can make sure we are providing you with an excellent service."