Combined Healthcare launches video consultations

Combined Healthcare is proud to launch video consultations

Our Digital Team have been piloting a video consultation (VC) solution “Attend Anywhere” (AA) within a few teams over the past week. AA allows staff to undertake a virtual consultation with the patient, where all parties can see and hear each other.  This pilot has been rapid, and very successful, with many virtual consultations being held between our clinicians and patients already. We are now beginning to roll this out Trust wide.

The Digital Team is working with Service Managers to prioritise teams.  In this initial pilot stage, we have restrictions on the number of people we can bring onboard the solution, but our aim is to offer it to everyone who would be eligible as soon as possible.  

The Digital Team are providing demonstrations and Q&A sessions for staff. delivered via the Trust’s MS Teams capability.

Any service user eligible for a Video Consultation will be contacted by the team responsible for their care and will be able to participate by clicking here.

If you have not yet been offered a video consultation, the page contains details of the service as well as handy video guides and demonstrations of what will be available in due course to all service users who qualify.

If you have any queries about the service and whether or not you are eligible, please contact the team responsible for your care direct though your normal means.