Introducing Cara – our Combined Avatar for Recovery Action

As part of our continuing commitment to digital innovation, we are proud to unveil our newest member of staff, Cara, to the world - our "Combined Avatar for Recovery Action"

We know that using human presenters in corporate films, presentations and videos massively increases their impact.  When this is combined with  graphics, pictures and other content, the impact is increased even further.  The problem is that this becomes more of a challenge when it is more difficult to be in situ to film the presenter.  

With greater numbers of staff, including senior staff, working from home this problem will be more common.  In addition, the infection threat is increased by physically standing in proximity to a human to film them.  

To address this problem, we have developed the capability to create animated characters who can easily be lip-synced with an audio recording from a presenter – and then embedded in films and presentations in exactly the same way as a human would be.  

This enables us to continue to produce high impact films, presentations and videos without the need to physically be present to film the human.  All that is required is for the presenter to send us an audio recording.  

Our first character is called Cara (“Combined Avatar for Recovery Action)” – be the “human” face of the Trust’s Corporate Recovery Programme.

You can find out more about our Corporate Recovery strategy at

Or you can enjoy Cara explaining more about it in the film below.