Peter Axon opens the “Rainbow Suite” – support for workplace staff during challenging times

We continue to do everything we can to support our staff who have to be in the workplace. Our ‘Rainbow Suite’ is a fantastic new resource we are making available at our Harplands Hospital site.

The ‘Rainbow Suite’ includes a relaxing lounge, with a wonderful outside garden, showering facilities and kitchen, including a large freezer, fully stocked with frozen ready meals and ice cream and lollies to help during hot weather. It is based in the Central Therapies Corridor at the Harplands, and has been created as dedicated space to help our teams to relax and re-energise during these challenging times. 

The Rainbow Suite was officially opened on Wednesday 20th May by our Chief Executive, Peter Axon.  

Our Executive Director of OD, Workforce and Inclusion, Shaejda Ahmed, said 

“Thank you to our Chief Executive, Peter for officially opening the suite and a heartfelt thanks to the staff who were able to attend to celebrate the opening. As I know people will understand, we weren’t able to ask everyone to attend the opening, however I am pleased to be able to share this short video with all our staff to walk them through the suite areas. 

This suite would not have been possible without the commitment and dedication of the team of people that have worked tirelessly in the background to create these areas in such a short space of time. As such, huge thanks to Anne Melville, Dave Birkin, the Serco Team, Mandy Brown, Alison Maguire and Marie Barley. 

It remains for me to thank our staff for their significant contribution and incredible hard work over the past months in providing such outstanding care each day with such compassion and kindness in such challenging circumstances. 

With my very best wishes to them all.


Watch the walkthrough video of the Rainbow Suite below