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Ian Syme


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The covid19 pandemic has certainly exposed fractures and challenges in Care Delivery nationally and locally (and of course internationally). A recent article in the HSJ highlighted that NHSE and NHSI have now ordered urgent reviews into deaths of people with Learning Disabilities (LD) and Autism. The CQC had published data in June 2020 which suggests death rates amongst those with LD and/Autism has DOUBLED during the pandemic. NHSE/I has previously refused to publish data from the LeDer programme or its data on LD deaths. Would Combined Healthcare care to comment on the above and is the Trust actively involved in providing data and information to both PHE and NHSE/I review on what certainly appears a significant flaw in Care Delivery to an extremely vulnerable patient cohort?
Thank You
Ian Syme

Our response

The quarterly mortality review paper and annual paper to Board (the annual paper is on the Board agenda) provides data on a regular basis to Board. Combined was proactive in reviewing deaths in LD and Autism whilst the LeDeR review process was being set up nationally so we could identify any learning and put actions in place should need arise. We are passionate at Combined about learning from incidents when they occur.

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